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620 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach, California, United States of America              +1 (949) 795-0100 

Vantage Investment is a real estate investment banker operating in Orange County, California, U.S.A. since 1984.  

Vantage Investment is a direct lender of project finance for infrastructure, clean energy and community developments.  

Vantage Investment has over 30 years experience in bank and non-bank lending, structured finance, secondary market and capital markets transactions.

Vantage Investment delivers investors secured investment returns and ensures best execution, reporting and repayment.

Vantage Investment is Fund Manager, 

Principal Arranger, Issuer, and

Master Loan Servicer over investments in

high-yield fixed-income securities.

Vantage Investment's responsible lending employs best practices for due diligence, risk management and reporting under the U.S. Dodd-Frank Act and European Banking Authority rules. 

Vantage Investment provides 

Technical Advisory (TA) services to

assist project participants with

project documents and develop

best practices and execution with

positive community impact.


 Vantage Investment, Fashion Island, Newport Beach, California​​

Vantage Investment core principles

are guided by ethics, fairness and

corporate responsibility.

Vantage Investment created the 

Principles of Responsible Capitalism to guide community-minded businesses.

Vantage Investment activities produce  mutually beneficial outcomes as a result of ethical business practices.

Vantage Investment adds exponential value to a broad range of recipients many times beyond what we earn.

Vantage Investment places value in people reaching positive outcomes achieved through teamwork.    

We believe success is measured by quality of life and positive roles in our community.

Our investment philosophy is to achieve a greater good.  

Our investment values are to protect our capital with perfected security in

senior debt on substantial collateral while earning risk-adjusted returns.

Our Business

​​Vantage Investment is a direct lender for projects with measurable impact on 

  • Poverty Alleviation
  • Gender Equality
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Legal Protections
  • Environmental Protection
  • Community Governance
  • Health & Safety
  • Literacy
  • Education
  • Sector Development
  • Infrastructure

We help communities alleviate poverty through inclusive opportunity to sustainable economic development.

Vantage Investment targets lending 
​opportunities aligned with socio-economic development strategies.

Vantage Investment diligently protects

investments by securing collateral and mortgage cash flows to produce

low-Beta, high-yield, absolute returns.

We invest in creating better communities by guiding best practices from early in the development process through completion and self-governance of new sustainable healthy communities.

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Our Values


Our Mission